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Pain No More, A Patients Story

In the United States pain affects more people than diabetes and cholesterol. A large number of people in our area live with daily pain that often leaves them immobile and not enjoying life. For years the only way to treat pain was with oral narcotics, but these can often lead to unpleasant side effects or not working at all. We hear from many of our customers that they wish there was something else available to help reduce and relieve the pain they experience. This is when we tell them about compounding and how many people are finding relief and getting back to the lives they enjoy. We have asked a few of these customers to describe their journey to finding compounds and how effective they can be.

Recently, one of our customers called in and was extremely excited her pain cream was once again being covered by her insurance company. We spoke for a few minutes and I realized that the pain compound we made for her was more than just another medication. It was something that was improving her life and was obviously something she did not want to go without. Her story is one that many can relate to, so if you live with pain and are looking for relief give her story a read.

My Story- From patient MD

"I had Impingement Syndrome in my shoulder that required surgery, but the original surgery did not take enough of the clavicle bone to be effective. A second surgery was performed and it was this surgery that led to my current pain issues. I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Dystrophy Type I in March of 2011 after the second operation. Basically this is a case where my nerves are constantly sending signals to my brain that makes me feel like I am in constant pain. The pain and nerve signals will often cause my muscles to spasm which adds to my discomfort. I had to find something that would help relieve these problems, so I started seeing a pain management specialist.

My specialist had me try a few different options, a patch and a narcotic. The pain patch would cause me to be violently ill often vomiting which led to me being unable to eat. It also would cause a reaction with my skin that left a burn like mark where I applied it. This mark would take up to a month to go away! Needless to say the patch was not helping me as much as it was making me feel worse. We then tried a narcotic and this proved to cause some of the same problems as the patch. Again I was vomiting and I would have terrible shakes when I was taking this medication. I eventually brought the pills into my pain specialist and put them on his desk saying I could not take any more of them. I was referred to another pain management doctor and it was this doctor who led me to the compound I currently use.

The Solution

My new pain management doctor said he had been writing prescriptions for a pain cream and his patients were seeing some very good results from it. I decided it was worth a try, so he wrote the script and I waited. The original cream came from a pharmacy in Georgia. When I first started using it I couldn’t believe how well it worked. For the first time something was giving me relief, but shortly after starting it I developed a rash. The pain relief was so good that I dealt with the rash and got some refills, but the rash soon became too irritating. I would have to stop using the cream for a couple of weeks to let the rash go away, and then I would start using it again. When I needed a refill it would take the pharmacy in Georgia over a week to get me my cream. So, now waiting a week for the cream and dealing with the rash I was finding myself in some pretty serious pain. I met with my Surgeon and discussed the issues with him. He said he knew your pharmacy (McCann’s Pharmacy) was doing compounds and he wanted to try that. I was hesitant because of the side effect I was experiencing, but he said that different pharmacies may have different outcomes even when making the same exact compound. I decided to give it a try and am I glad I did.

The Results

The compound I get from you (McCann’s Pharmacy) is great, it works almost instantly. Best of all it does not cause a rash! I looked at the labels and they say the exact same thing, but there is a huge difference. Your compound helps to relieve my pain much better than the other pharmacy. I am even using it on my stimulator battery site to relieve pain from scarring and it is working perfectly. In fact, my husband tells me that I do not complain half as much about being in pain when I am using McCann’s compound compared to the Georgia pharmacy. The best part of the pain cream from McCann’s is that there are no side effects!! It doesn’t smell, not greasy or gritty and rubs in completely dry. I have my husband apply the cream because I am unable to lift my arm enough to reach my shoulder area. He rubs it for just a short time and its completely rubbed in. It doesn’t leave any stains or marks in my clothing and I’m just really happy with the cream.

I am extremely thankful I found McCann’s Pharmacy and Adirondack Compounding to make this pain cream. You guys are awesome and always so friendly, willing to go the extra mile to help me. You mail the medication to my house and I couldn’t imagine doing business with another pharmacy! Thank you!"

As you can see, this patient has found great relief from one of our compounded pain creams. She is not alone, so be sure to check back in the near future for another compounding success story. We are extremely happy to have the ability to provide alternative therapy options for our patients. When we hear stories like the one above it makes what we do even more enjoyable. Why suffer with chronic pain when we can make something special for you. Give us a call today to learn more and be sure to talk with your provider about compounded medications. We are always willing to talk with your provider too, so if they have questions tell them to contact us.

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