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It's Not Me, It's The Hormones!


With all of the medical advances and knowledge of how to live healthier lives we are living far longer than our ancestors before us. With this comes the realization that many of us will have a longer time to spend in our "mature" years.


For the generations of women before it was accepted that they must grin and bear it when it comes to hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and other symptoms associated with menopause. This is no longer the case and we would like to help you realize a life that you will find more enjoyable. Through compounding, we can utilize hormones that are identical to the ones made within your body to restore your system to a proper balance. Working with your doctor we will determine the proper treatment path and fine tune it to meet your needs.


Synthetic hormones have been used for decades and some have presented some significant health problems for women. In many studies, women using synthetic hormones had shown a significantly higher risk of developing cancer than those who were using bio-identical hormones (see article: Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2008 Jan; 107(1):103-11). With the resurgence of compounding, BHRT is in high demand and we are proud to be able to offer this service to our patients. We have heard many stories about BHRT saving marriages and women saying they feel like themselves again. Why sit around and do nothing when you can live life the way you want!


Progesterone 10mg/ml up to 100mg/ml Topical Cream

Estriol/Estradiol (various strengths)

Vaginal suppositories also available 

It's A Guy Thing Too.

Alright guys it's time for "the talk". No, we aren't talking birds and bees here, you should probably know that one by now. We are talking about hormones, and believe it or not after our 20's we begin declining in the production of Testosterone. Imagine what this means when you reach your 50's, 60's or 70's, you will only be producing a small fraction of the Testosterone you once produced in your 20's!


You may be thinking "so what?" or "does that really make a difference?" Well think about this:


                  Have you noticed energy declining?

                 Is your belly sticking out a bit further?

          Muscles aren't what they used to be are they?

   Has a loved one mentioned your mood seems different?


These are all most likely due to the fact your hormones have changed, and will continue to do so.


By balancing these hormones we are doing more for our bodies than just trying to get big muscles. A lack of hormones can increase the risk of developing various diseases. Want proof? Just research about problems associated with men's hormone imbalance and I bet you will be surprised by what you learn.

So if you are looking to feel young again and work on creating a healthier you, then it may take more than just adding exercise to your routine. Speak with your provider and discuss how balancing your hormones could help you.


Testosterone 1% up to 10% Topical Cream

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