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We are Experts at Making Life Easier

As we mentioned, people are taking more medications than ever before and with that comes a few challenges. In order to be a "compliant" patient doctors expect you to take all of your medications every day and at the right time, just as they directed. However, we all live in the real world where there are a million and one things going on and staying on top of our medicine is not always the top priority. It doesn't have to be a challenge to stay compliant with our Medicine-On-Time service. Check out the information below and let us make life a bit easier for you. 

It's a Pill Cup


Our staff expertly prepares each pill cup that is contained within the calendar card to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. On the back each pill cup is labeled with your name, the date, time to take medication, and a list of medications in each cup. 


Whether you are a care taker or taking care of yourself, this service is all about convenience. Trying to remember if you took a specific pill will no longer be a concern and with the convenience of carrying all of your medications in this pack you can bring it with you to your next doctor's appointment for a quick and easy reference of your prescriptions. Each pill cup can be removed so you can carry them on the go without needing to bring a large bag with you. 



It's a Calendar


Your medications will come perfectly organized in a color-coded calendar cards. When you receive this service for the first time our staff will explain how each color represents a different time of day and review the information on the back. It is a familiar and easy to follow system for keeping track of your medications. 


When you are ready to take your medications simply find the date and time you need and remove the one pill cup. Going on a vacation or weekend getaway? You can remove multiple days and take only what you need with you. No more traveling with a bag full of pill bottles or bringing a month supply when you only need a week. 

It's Refill Management

How often do you call the pharmacy in a month? Week? Day? It is not uncommon for a customer to call us several times a day to ask for refills, because they keep forgetting one or find another that is close to running out. Some of you may call us more than your own family members!


When you choose to use Medicine On Time you are choosing to become organized and more compliant. Our staff will synchronize your medications so we can fill them all on the same day, and then set you up with automatic refills. We will see you are coming to the end of your month supply of medications and prepare a new card for you without you having to call or remind us. Then if you want to utilize our FREE DELIVERY we will simply bring it to your house and now you are set for another month. Could it get any easier?!

Quick Info:
  • $10 monthly charge for this service
  • $1.50 deposit fee for each case you receive*
  • May take up to 4 weeks to get you set up 
  • We are unable to use your current supply of medications to fill packs
  • Request new scripts and med list from your provider

*the deposit of $1.50 will be charged to your store account. Once cases are returned we will credit your account for the number of cases you sent back. As long as you return cases you will not be paying any additional cost for cases. 

So What Are You Waiting For, Contact Us Today To Start Medicine On Time!

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