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BACTERIAL/FUNGAL INFECTIONS:            -Itraconazole 1% Gel

                                                             -Miconazole 1% Gel

G.I Issues:                            -Cisapride 10mg/ml oral suspension

Cardiovascular Issues:            -Enalapril 7.5mg/ml oral suspension

*All oral suspensions can be flavored, most common chicken & fish*

Pet Meds are here!


One of the greatest things to come from our expansion into compounding is the ability to help the members of our families who can't tell us what’s wrong.


As pet owners and lovers, we know what you are going through when your pet is sick. If we posted videos of us trying to get our dog to take a pill it would most likely win a funniest video award. Animals have a unique capability of separating the pill from the cheese, deli meat, or any other masking agent and spitting it back onto the floor. It shouldn't be this difficult to help our pets, and McCann's has a solution for you!


We work with several local vets to create medications that not only work for our pets, but they actually enjoy taking as well. We start by making the medicine into a liquid suspension, then add flavors such as beef, chicken, fish or peanut butter (to name a few) and now we have something that is easy to give our pets. We can also customize the needed medication into a topical cream or lotion. You can rub this compound right into the needed area and avoid taking a medication orally all together.


Speak with your Veterinarian today and see if a compounded medication is right for your pet!

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