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Why Choose The Hometown Business?

For years my family grew up using a small town pharmacy. I remember as a kid walking into the store with my mom or dad and having the owner/pharmacist saying hello to us, but he did it using our names. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, the owner of a store knew my parents and I, we must be a big deal. I mean how often do you walk into Sears, J.C Penny, Walmart, etc. and have the owner say hello to you using your name? How often do you meet the owner of those stores? As a kid I didn't truly understand the significance of what this pharmacy owner did on a daily basis to make his customers feel special, but years later I realized his store and many like it were becoming few and far between.

Now, 25 years later I am fortunate enough to work for one of these hometown pharmacies. McCann's Pharmacy is truly one of the last "neighborhood" pharmacies in our area, heck it's one of the last in all of Washington County, NY! They have survived the test of time by offering their customers that feeling that they are a big deal when they walk through the door. The staff greets you by name, knows about your family, takes pride in the local sports teams and truly cares about your well being. Our customers will often call to ask our Pharmacists and staff questions about a disease, medication, or medical device simply because they trust us over their doctors or any other expert in the field. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly, we want to be the first place you think of when you have a prescription or wellness need.

If you are using one of the big box stores, or large chain pharmacy you probably don't understand why this is such a big deal. You are probably unaware of how walking into a store can make you feel at ease because you know there is someone their you have known for years and looks forward to speaking with you. McCann's would like to invite all of these people to give us a try, so tell your friends and family they are missing out. Join the McCann's Family today and see why over 4 generations have been choosing our pharmacy for their health and wellness needs.

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