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Medicine On Time "aka MOT"

We started offering a service called Medicine On Time (aka MOT) a little over 1 year ago, and we have seen many of our customers switch to this service with terrific results. I'm sure you are like most, all you want is something to make life a bit easier and less chaotic. Well that is exactly what MOT does, so keep reading and I will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing service.

With several of our patients taking well over 10 medications a day, we were seeing that many people were not always on top of their medications. Many of these patients expressed that they would often miss up to 3 doses a week! Think about that for a minute, nearly half the time people were not taking the medicine prescribed by their doctor. Some of you may be thinking, "so what, could it really affect them that much?" ABSOLUTELY, for some missing a dose could land them in an emergency room followed by an extended stay in the hospital. We do not want our patients ending up like this, so we invested in MOT. Medicine On Time is basically pill organization done by our staff. If you have ever put medication into one of those plastic weekly organizers then you have a basic understanding of what this service is.

When a patient enrolls in MOT our staff will fill all of the medications and organize them into pill cups for an entire month. These cups are separated based on the time of day the medications should be taken and then assigned a color coded case. Yellow cases are for morning meds, and blue cases for night time meds. There are several colors to represent various times of day and type of medication being taken.

As we approach the end of your packets our staff will automatically fill the next months worth of medication and have it ready a day or two prior to you running out. No phone calls, no hassels.

You can learn more about MOT by visiting the Medicine On Time page on our website. Feel free to contact us and ask about the service as well.

True story about one of our patients:

This gentleman was taking nearly 30 medications a day. In order to attempt to stay organized he placed all of the medications in a cabinet. You can imagine how this may have looked, picture taking your pill bottles and putting them in a cabinet then throwing a grenade........boom! He had open bottles that spilled, pills everywhere and often could not remember what he had taken or not. Needless to say he missed several doses and ended up in the hospital a time or two. We worked with his care giver and providers to start MOT and the results have been great. The cabinet is now organized with 4 pill cases and with the time and day printed on each dose it is easy to ensure he has taken his medications. The doctors have been thrilled with the increased compliance and have been able to provide accurate dosing based on blood test.

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