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Ketamine 5% / Gabapentin 10% / Clonidine 0.2% / Baclofen 2% in Topical Lipoderm

Ketoprofen 10% and Diclofenac 10% can be added for desired effects

All compounds can have ingredient strengths adjusted to be more effective for our patients

Pain Management


Too many of our customers would wake up in pain, and many more experience it throughout the day. Pain medications have become one of the largest segments in a pharmacies business, but people are still not finding the relief they want or need. 


We are here to tell you that you no longer have to take pills with several side effects. Since we started compounding we found that there are several options available to customers with pain issues. Utilizing a combination of medications and joining them into a cream or lotion has allowed our patients to target the problems areas and find more relief than with traditional medications.


Working with your provider, we will discuss the issue at hand and review your medical history to ensure we find the root cause of your pain. There are several benefits to using a topical pain cream, for instance patients can avoid some of the nasty side effects often associated with traditional medication. These compounds have also shown to have decreased likelihood of patients becoming addicted to them or abusing these medications.


If you find yourself not moving like you used to, or unable to enjoy the things that used to bring you joy then speak with us today. We will discuss how we can move forward in helping you regain some of that fun. 

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