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Migraine Relief is Here


For patients that suffer from migraines you know how difficult it can be to function and get through your day when they strike. Typical remedies for headaches simply are not strong enough to relieve any of the symptoms and prescription medication may only be affective for a short time. You simply want something that will help you get to a state where you can do your job or enjoy time with your family, well the wait may be over!


McCann's is proud to announce that we are officially a licensed compounding pharmacy for dispensing Migraderm. This medical breakthrough has been helping hundred of people throughout the US and Europe find the relief they were looking for. Developed by a doctor, Migraderm utilizes the medications we already know in the treatment of migraines but applies them in a different method. You will not take a pill or need an injection, we take the medication and mix it with one of our patented bases that will allow patients to apply this compound to the back of their neck.


As one of just over 100 pharmacies in the United States licensed to make this compound we are extremely proud to bring it to our customers. The results being seen with the use of this compound have been pretty dramatic and we look forward to our patients finding similar results.


Don't let a migraine keep you from the people and things you love, call today or speak with your provider about how Migraderm and McCann's can get your life back. You can also request additional information by filling out the form below.

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